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December 3, 2011

Send and receive money with your cell phone

send money by phone

As you already know there are different ways of sending money worldwide. Besides the common plans as money transfer with Western Union, electronically or with money orders now you are able to do it via your cell phone. Furthermore, according to one press release from consultant Garther (Nov. 18 2011, this type af mobile applications is expected to have more cash flow potential than the other mobile applications referred to mobile music, mobile search and browsing and mobile health monitoring. In point of fact, mobile transfers are expected to be an even bigger business than different types of mobile payments.

Money transfers shuldn’t surprise us, they are a huge business in the U.S. already and they are gathering popularity around the world as well, including the U.K.. Nowadays it can be rather tricky and time-consuming to send money in the traditional ways which are written above, but most everyone carries a phone. That’s why in the following article I’m about to tell you more for this particular method and I’ll also try to outline the benefits and the flows of using it.

PayPal – 1 Step ahead?

I suppose that most of you have heard about the popular online service payment PayPal and used their products and services as well. Now they offer something  revolutionary new – a mobile service, which sends money from your phone to someone else’s mobile immediately.

PayPal Mobile

Paypal mobile for android

If you want to start sending money from your cell first you have to log into PayPal in order to connect your mobile phone number with your account. I know that most of you probably hate giving away your phone number, but PayPal’s already got your bank information, so that won’t be bothering you at all, I suppose. Along with this you have to set up a mobile PIN, which is different from your account number. Once you have completed these two simple steps PayPal’s voice robot calls you and asks you to verify the PIN. If the PIN’s matched, your phone is PayPal-enabled.

Then , to send money to someone else’s phone you just have to text a message to PayPal with the amount of money you want to send and the recipient’s phone number. It’s that easy. But you should keep in mind, however, that not all mobile carriers support the SMS function. In this  case you have to use plan B.

Turns out that you can use PayPal’s automated voice system to send cash as well. In this case you have to call to the PayPal’s call centre and to tell how much you want to send and to what phone number. Either way will result in a SMS and phone call to the phone of the recipient with instructions on picking up the money. In brief, the person you are sending money to has to go to the web site and link their mobile phone number to their PayPal account in order to claim the payment.

Just like our PayPal Mobile app on the iPhone, the new Android app features bump technology –  allowing you to simply tap two phones together to send money. Split the check is another great feature, which lets you automatically calculate the total cost of a bill and then collect money directly from friends when out to dinner.

Laura Chambers, senior director of PayPal Mobile


Paypal security There is probably a question popping out in this moment in your mind. What if a thief steal your phone and text himself a certain amount of money? This isn’t possible if you keep your mobile PIN (which is separate from your PayPal password) secure, as every transaction related to your phone gets an immediate callback from PayPal asking that you enter your mobile PIN to proceed.

If you don’t like the idea of volunteering your friend’s cell phone numbers to PayPal, you can PayPal someone’s email address from your mobile, too. You just have to change the text message and instead of a phone number to write the recipient’s email address. In this case the person you are sending money to doesn’t get an instant notification of the payment on the phone, but it also means that they don’t have to associate their mobile number with their PayPal account, either.


There are also a number of specified PayPal Mobile SMS commands. With these commands you can perform all known operations referred to sending money (in various different currencies), check account balance, sharing your number with recipient or just canceling a pending payment.


As you can see sending money using your mobile phone is easy, fast and secure, and this is something that matters these days. There are, of course some drawbacks of the application but they are mostly related to bugs in the application itself. In my opinion it can and it will be made more user friendly.

I imagine that in the next few years mobile cash transactions will be common, considering that everybody and their friends and family have a PayPal account and a cell phone.

The PayPal Mobile for Android application is free, easy to download and available now in the Android Market.

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